history sanitized


A treasure of 500,000 Spanish pesos, made of 90% silver, is loaded aboard French Navy ships in Havana Harbour in 1781.  The coins are carried in 62 chests weighing 520 pounds each.

Most of the versions of history that you've read, or seen on visual media, were long ago censored or reconstructed by world governments and by Roman Catholic Church agents and sympathizers, in order to hide high-level crimes or intrigues.  Conventional historians have swallowed hook, line and sinker, repeating the official version stating that the silver pesos were "generously offered by the Cuban people".  You are expected to believe that every man of working age in Cuba, including impoverished peasants and slaves, voluntarily handed over one year's income in a single day.  In 'Homo Patrius', for the first time, you will comprehend the provenance of the 16 tons of silver that sealed the success of the American Revolution.  In all the turning points of history, identifying the sources of funds helps understanding clearly the underlying motivations.  Money talks!

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